Rabinal: Festival, part 4
photographs & story by Shane Solow
Finally, sometime in the middle of the night some soldiers arrived. I did not realize this at first as the strangers were dressed in civilian clothes, but I was surprised at their familiarity with some of the village girls and their loud manners.
As I maneuvered to frame some pictures of them a curious thing happened which revealed to me the compassion of my hosts. I was behind a slight obstruction near the fire watching one man grab two women and dance suggestively with his unenthusiastic partners. As I prepared to take a second picture a very old man standing nearby caught my attention. His gesture was subtle but unmistakable; it was unwise to continue to take pictures of this party. I understood and ceased immediately. Although I was perhaps in no danger It was clear that there was a different set of rules that applied to these men and I would no longer be under the protection of the cofradía.

I returned through the streets to my pension and fell into a deep sleep.

photographs by Shane Solow © 1999--2002 Lost Trails
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